Meet the #1000Speak Admins: Leah Vidal

We continue our Meet the Admin posts with Leah Vidal. Along with Jen Leeman, Leah set up this blog. Jen opened it up and Leah wrote the first post, 
Leah Vidal is the author of Red Circle Days and writer at Little Miss Wordy as well asnj blogger network headshots-32 a contributor of the recent anthology, My Other Ex: Women’s True
Stories of Leaving and Losing Friends. In her writing Leah explores BIG lessons from life’s little moments…those that plant the thought provoking seed of self discovery.
Leah is a 2014 BlogHer Voice Of The Year, a Huffington Post contributor and
a regular contributor at What The Flicka? Her writing has been syndicated on BlogHer, featured on Erma Bombeck, Freshly Pressed and featured on Scary Mommy. She has been featured on PubSlush Women Of Wednesday and is currently working on her second book.
Leah paused her career in Public Relations to raise her two children and has never looked back, except on the days when it would be nice to have an office to escape to or at least a desk to hide under. Her family recently moved to PA, where she is a fitness focused (physical, spiritual and mental health), mom of two and wife of one, who spends her time avoiding the kitchen, and making words come to life.
I asked Leah a couple of questions.
Why did you join 1000 Voices Speak For Compassion?

When I started blogging, I was blown away by the fact that my words could make a difference in someone’s day. As they travelled across the world, they paused to briefly touch each reader along their journey. The message, story, and sometimes random thought that appeared on my screen as my fingers flew across the keyboard, eventually made its way onto someone else’s screen and touched their heart in some way. Lizzi and Yvonne’s initiative to flood the internet with compassion, sparked by Lizzi’s post, “It Takes A Village” touched me in that way. I knew I had no choice. This was something that moved me and I believed would move many more.

What does it mean to you?
I don’t really know how to write if it isn’t from my heart, each of my posts stirring emotion in others as well as myself. While every month hundreds of writers come together to blanket the internet with compassion I believe our posts are doing much more than that. I have witnessed the effect of this warm blanket not only covering the internet, but wrapping all those it touches in safety, love, understanding and most of all compassion for themselves and others. That is all heart and something many of us have longed to be a part of for some time. There is so much good in this world and #1000speak reminds me of this each and every month.
*        *        *
Don’t Leah’s beautiful words fill you with hope? I love the image of a blanket of compassion wrapping around the internet and all who use it! You can read more of Leah’s lovely words in her post for last month’s theme of Connection.

The Red String Of Fate

“It is part of scientist Matthew Lieberman’s case that our need to connect is as fundamental as our need for food and water.” Lieberman who is a Professor and SCN (Social Cognitive Neuroscience) Lab Director at UCLA Department of Psychology, Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences conducts research on social cognitive neuroscience which focuses on how the human brain carries out social information processing. His research has led him to a connection between physical pain and social pain. Next time someone tells you their heart is broken or their feelings are hurt, stop and think about that for a minute… Read more


3 thoughts on “Meet the #1000Speak Admins: Leah Vidal

  1. “I don’t really know how to write if it isn’t from my heart, each of my posts stirring emotion in others as well as myself.”

    I feel the same, Leah.

    Under the same sky,


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