20 Ideas for Compassion – Writing Prompts

#1000Speak for compassion

Maybe you really want to take part in the #1000Speaks project, but you’re not sure what to write about.  If this sounds like you, or if you are already signed up but seeking inspiration, we’ve put together this list of writing prompts to help you out.

Here are some ideas for your Compassion post:

  1. Create a short video or written interview.  Ask someone what compassion means to them and when they’ve witnessed or experienced it.
  2. Teaching compassion at school and at home
  3. Who is your greatest role model for compassionate behavior?  Is it someone you know or a social icon like Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi, Nelson Mandela?
  4. Compassion in the workplace – do you see it happening or is there a need for it?  Write about your personal experience.
  5. Compassion in politics – differing political views and their respective stand on compassion
  6. How can you incorporate acts of compassion into your daily life?
  7. Is compassion naturally present or does it need to be taught?
  8. Do you work for charity? Write about how compassion drives charitable organizations.
  9. Racism- write about your feelings on racism and the lack of compassion which allows it to continue.
  10. Sexism – have you seen it or been the victim of it?  Write about your experience.
  11. Agism – discrimination against the elderly.  How can we show our elders more compassion?
  12. How to have compassion toward those we think are “getting it wrong”
  13. How is compassion at work in your community?  Do you know of or participate in any initiatives to help the less fortunate (soup kitchen, homeless shelter, etc)
  14. Compassion in the media – how is compassion portrayed by the media?  Is there enough coverage?  Is it accurate?
  15. How do you parent your children compassionately?
  16. Speciesism – are other species less deserving of our compassion?
  17. Compassion in different religions – write about how your religion teaches compassion.
  18. Kids and compassion – how do you prevent and teach about bullying/sibling rivalry?
  19. Do you or someone you know have a disability?  What is your experience with others showing or not showing compassion?
  20. Do you feel compassion for people with different dietary needs or restrictions?  (veganism, food allergies, etc)

Do you have any ideas to share?  Please leave a comment!  Check in with our Facebook group for daily ideas and inspiration, and to connect with other members of the community.  And don’t forget to have your post ready for February 20th!


21 thoughts on “20 Ideas for Compassion – Writing Prompts

  1. now those are some lovely topics and i wish everyone participates for sure in writing and maybe just maybe we can become a little compassionate human beings and world will be a beautiful place


  2. I am so looking forward Friday is there anything special I need to do to link to the group I joined the facebook group. will there be a link tool or gadget to use?


    1. I am excited too! There will be a link here and on several blogs. The links to all will be posted in the Facebook group and we are encouraging everyone to share their posts far and wide!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Joyce, those points could certainly be addressed in a blog post. What we are trying to do here is spread a message of positivity, coming together to show how many of us care about practicing compassion. We accomplished that goal yesterday when over 1000 of us hit the internet with our posts about compassion! I hope you’ll take to social media and find some of them with hashtag #1000Speak.

      Liked by 1 person

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