Meet the #1000Speak Admins: Geoff Le Pard

Next up in our Meet the #1000Speak Admins series is Geoff Le Pard. 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion is  worldwide and so is our admin team – meaning most of us have never met in person. Geoff is one of the two admins I have actually met. I’m pleased to say he’s just as nice in person as he is on the web!


05 BOX-005Geoff is a fifty something twenty year old living in South London with his wife, whichever of his children happen to need a roof that day and a variety of pets. Once a lawyer churning out words by the yard, he now spends his time, partly writing as carefully as he can for himself and whoever else might enjoy his fiction and partly helping at a local youth club in a run down part of his beautiful city.He found blogging last year and has fallen into it with a will at, preferring to blog about whatever comes to mind than limit himself.You can probably guess that this photo would represent the “twenty year old” aspect of Geoff!

And since I have met Geoff, I can definitely tell you that the photo at the end of this post is a better representation of him nowadays!


As with the other admins, I asked Geoff two questions about 1000 Voices Speak For Compassion.

Why did you join?

Serendipity.  Starting as a youngster watching mum nurture the most fabulous garden out of a piece of clay based wilderness in the New Forest I’ve leant about the need for empathy. Mum empathised with her plants, the need for the right soil type, the right amount of shade and  water and nutriments. It was but a small step to putting oneself in the shoes of others, to realise what they needed. It was a bigger step to start to realise how I might do something tangible to help them achieve those needs. That is where my career had taken me. When Yvonne told me of the plan – I had been following her since I found her on the internet talking sense about the Scottish referendum when no one else was – it was essential I joined in. I was meant to be part of this.

What does it mean for you? 

It was apparent from the start that there is a momentum shift here. If you aggregate the human voice you can break glass, lift roofs, make hearts shake with emotion. Put 1000 voices together and coalesce around an idea and you might well start that flap of another butterfly’s wing. I want to be part of that. Recently I have signed on line petitions; before that I took part in protests, marched for this or against that; I’ve been known to write letters to newspapers, lobbied my MP. This group is a natural progression; it is what you do today. The net has its detractors but Berners-Lee gave it to us all as a force for good. We mustn’t allow those who might corrupt it stop us from letting it fulfil its designer’s purpose. 1000speak is a part of that purpose.

Meet the #1000Speak Admins: Geoff Le Pard
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Geoff is a prolific writer, and I think Berners-Lee would agree he is using the internet as a force for good! Below is an extract from his latest post, which also happens to be his latest for  1000 Voices Speak For Compassion! Be sure to read the rest of it.

Five Photos Five Stories – day five #1000speak

Last year I saw something that, were I to really need it, would have convinced me that, come what may, we live in a compassionate world with the future of this land of ours in safe hands. Read more…




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