Compassion Is In Our Nature

Snowflakes are beautiful when you look closely at their intricate individual pattern. They gently float toward one another, and create layer upon layer of beautiful white expanse, providing a canvas where anything is possible.

#1000speak, compassion, let it snow, snow fall

Sand is barely visible when it stands as one lonely grain, yet when each grain is collected as a whole the landscape changes to a picture of sigh-inducing beauty.

One tiny drop lands in a body of water to create a rippling effect as circle upon circle expands, reaching outward, causing the body of water to show visible movement.

One blogger shares a sentiment of compassion that resonates with another blogger. That blogger has a vision of more bloggers joining together as a whole to flood the internet with compassion much like tiny drops of water causing a ripple effect across the internet, across the world. Within two weeks over 1,000 bloggers make the commitment to share compassion individually yet together as a force so strong it takes on a life of its own because so many of us crave acts of good, positive deeds, a spark of kindness, empathy and good will that has been missing for some time.

Compassion is in our nature.

The day has arrived to let nature take its course as we share our stories, our sentiments, our acts of compassion with the world.

1000Speak blank

Join us by using the hashtag #1000speak and linking your posts below.


48 thoughts on “Compassion Is In Our Nature

  1. Such beautiful words and pictures on this post! It’s been a pleasure to share my story of compassion here. Although, it is a post that I wrote a little while back, I felt it was worthy of sharing with regards to the topic of compassion.

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  2. Hi Leah! I’m so happy to be joining you in this #1000speak project of sharing compassion around the world. AND I find it incredibly interesting how we can all share different aspects of this incredibly powerful force for good. YES! Compassion is definitely our true nature. We can’t hear that enough. ~Kathy


  3. Such a beautiful piece. Being from Australia where we’ve been under the griller for months now, the beauty of snow really mesmerises me. We go skiing and do experience snow (there are many Australians who never see snow!!)
    I too have thought about grains of sand coming together to make sandstone, which when you look at how it withstands the force of the waves around here, it pretty tough.
    Here’s my contribution:
    xx Rowena


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