Meet the #1000Speak Admins: Marcia Shaw Wyatt

Welcome to the third of our Meet the Admin posts! This time it’s Marcia Shaw Wyatt in the hot seat. Those of you who are members of our Google+ Community will know that Marcia runs it. We didn’t even have to twist her arm – she volunteered to set it up!

Marcia is an enthusiastic and valuable member of our admin team. (You guessed that, didn’t you?)

me2Marcia is a western New Yorker. When she’s not spreading compassion on the internet she  manages to find time to work a full-time afternoon shift job outside her home. She is married, mama to a cute little dog named Romeo, loves spending time with her family and friends, and in her spare time she writes and blogs on Blogitudes about life, love, humor, compassion, attitude and gratitude – none of which she claims to be an authority on … but all of which she loves writing about anyway.

I asked Marcia a couple of questions about 1000 Voices Speak For Compassion. You’ll enjoy her answers!

Why did you join?

I joined 1000Speak because compassion is something I’ve always greatly valued. I know how much it means – how much it’s helped when others have shown it to me, and in return, I try daily to keep compassion close in mind and show kindness in my dealings with others. When Lizzi wrote her post regarding The Village and Yvonne responded with a question of who might be interested in forming a group devoted to sharing and encouraging this great cause, I knew it was something that I definitely wanted to be part of … and I’ve been a happy participant ever since.

The members of 1000Speak are nothing short of amazing. Their love and depth of compassion vividly show in all they write and share – in their interactions and in all the ways they strive to continually support and encourage others.

What does it mean to you?

If I thought I was truly focused on compassion and on all the ways it can and should be shown before joining 1000Speak, I was wrong. My involvement with 1000Speak inspires me daily to show greater compassion, to do all that I can in my small corner of the globe to treat others kindly and fairly with care with the hope that such compassion will help and ripple out from them to inspire others to do the same. To me, that’s what 1000Speak is all about – being compassionate, sharing and encouraging it and hopefully by way of our efforts we can inspire others and help improve our world.

Marcia certainly encourages us to think deeply and to take action to be compassionate towards ourselves as well as others – as her latest post for #1000Speak shows. An extract follows – click through to read the rest.

why you might feel lonely

Have you ever been involved with a friend or romantic interest who didn’t seem to care about you? What led you to coming to this conclusion?

Was it that you did all you could do to connect with your friend or lover on a deep personal level – you cared about their joy and sorrow. You cared tremendously – so you listened when they spoke about the ups and downs of life that they were experiencing – you asked questions – you did what you could to help them – you supported and encouraged – and without fail, you celebrated their happiness and cheered them on, and you mourned with them when they felt sorrow and offered comfort. Did you do all of this and more for your friend or loved one but then at some point you realized that they were doing none of it in return for you?

Did you come to this realization because your friend or lover never asked anything about you …read more




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