What Does Your Knight in Shining Compassion Look Like?

Acts of compassion don't always look the same. In fact, each one is unique as it entails a unique situation, a unique set of people, one in need of compassion and one not only recognizing that need but being willing to act on it. Compassion begins at home and comes from within...we just have to … Continue reading What Does Your Knight in Shining Compassion Look Like?

Meet the #1000Speak Admins: Gretchen Kelly

Today we continue our series introducing the people behind 1000 Voices Speak For Compassion.and it's Gretchen Kelly's turn. Gretchen blogs at Drifting Through My Open Mind where she writes about anything that pops into her head. From life lessons to burning issues that need to be discussed to parenting conundrums. She even occasionally takes a stab at … Continue reading Meet the #1000Speak Admins: Gretchen Kelly

Compassion Is In Our Nature

Snowflakes are beautiful when you look closely at their intricate individual pattern. They gently float toward one another, and create layer upon layer of beautiful white expanse, providing a canvas where anything is possible. Sand is barely visible when it stands as one lonely grain, yet when each grain is collected as a whole the landscape changes to … Continue reading Compassion Is In Our Nature