Connect with Connection on May 20th!

Welcome to our 4th Link up! This month our theme is Connection, including Reconnection or Reconciliation. If you have written any post about connection this month, you are welcome to add it to our link up - to a maximum of three. You’ll find the button to take you to the link up at the bottom of … Continue reading Connect with Connection on May 20th!

Connection Prompts For our May Link-up

April has been a nurturing kind of month, with posts coming all month and many of you joining in the link-up. Michelle Liew has collected many of our posts into a magazine on Bundlr: 1000 Voices For Compassion 5 - The Nurturing Edition Be sure to check it out and to share it!    Our theme … Continue reading Connection Prompts For our May Link-up

Compassion Is In Our Nature

Snowflakes are beautiful when you look closely at their intricate individual pattern. They gently float toward one another, and create layer upon layer of beautiful white expanse, providing a canvas where anything is possible. Sand is barely visible when it stands as one lonely grain, yet when each grain is collected as a whole the landscape changes to … Continue reading Compassion Is In Our Nature