Happy 5th Anniversary with #1000Speak!

Link up with 1000 Speak for Compassion. Every February 20th, we try to encourage people to write about compassion in hopes to make a positive contribution to society. Photo of pink flowers with purple stemmy fuzzies and a wooden opalescent cutout of the word PEACE on a white background. Blog Link Parties | Linkup | Compassion | Blog Prompt Ideas

Five years ago, Yvonne Spence got a brilliant idea to try to get 1,000 people to write about compassion at the same time. The prompt was open to both bloggers and non-bloggers. We reached our goal and then some. Every year since, we’ve been writing about Compassion some time around February 20th.

This year, we encourage everyone to again write about the subject of Compassion. While you can write “anything in regards to compassion” to link up, 2020’s Theme is: How can we resolve human conflict without violence?

February 20th, write about compassion, #1000Speak, link up on 1000Speak.wordpress.com. 2020’s Theme is How can we resolve human conflict without violence?

This is a great opportunity to try to inspire positive change, to do more than thoughts and prayers, and to try to make a difference. We all want to do these things, especially as writers, and then we get caught up in the daily grind. I feel like marking February off as a time to reflect is a great life habit.

Want to Join Us?

There are many ways you can contribute to #1000Speak.

Write about Compassion on your Blog / Website

You can choose to follow the theme or not. All we care about is that Compassion is in the air. Whether you find and update an old post or write a new one, link up on February 20th here or on Finding Ninee. Then share it on social media with #1000Speak.

Write about Compassion on your Social Media and Hashtag it with #1000Speak

You can write a heart felt status on your social media or you can share your response to an article in our link up. Don’t forget to Hashtag it with #1000Speak.

Submit to us!

Don’t have a blog? That’s ok. We want to hear your voice too. Submit any writing or art to us via our Facebook Page, and let us know how you would like your information shared (i.e. if you’d rather be anonymous, go by first and last name, or just first name, and if you want any links to you).

Writers! Get a Free Critique / Proofread from us!

This is also a great opportunity to write something to try to get published or featured. New York Times, it’s Time!

Because the point of #1000Speak is to try to get Compassion heard, if you are trying to get your work out for publishing and would like a free critique / proofread, feel free to please link drop in the Facebook Group and make it clear that you plan to submit the piece for publication.


I was really inspired for this year’s theme by the music videos associated to Zombie by both The Cranberries and Bad Wolves. I know they are old videos and songs, but it hit my brain in 2020.

I had never seen the video from the 90’s until the Bad Wolves remix showed up on my YouTube queue and it made me curious. It was just kind of chilling. Even my daughter got chills listening to the Bad Wolves remake on the radio, and I’m like, “Wait until you see The Cranberries.”

But since I found inspiration with it, I thought I’d mention it here to help get some creative juices flowing.

The inspiration came from the specific lyrics “When the violence causes silence, we must be mistaken. It’s the same old theme, since 1916 / in 2018, in your head they’re still fighting, with their tanks and their bombs and their guns and their drones, in your head they are dying. What’s in your head?….”

I honestly recommend watching both videos to get some feels on the topic of violence. I never felt so condemned as a society, like it’s 2020 and there’s really no excuse for it.

The question now is how do we shift from that same old theme of violence into something new and more compassion based? How can our voices be a tool for that? How can we speak about compassion to end that violence?

I was thinking of many topic ideas along the lines of

  • Hope for Nonviolent Resolution
  • Ideas for nonviolent solutions when faced against violence
  • Solutions to nonviolent things that would normally result in violence
  • Is there a difference between compassion based violence and non-compassion based violence?
  • Humane ways to deal with the inhumane
  • Can someone be violent and compassionate at the same time?
  • Metaphor between the International Diplomacy and a mother trying to get her children to “stop fighting.”
  • Variables that create tension for violence, is technology influencing violence? The polarization of beliefs?
  • Current Events of War, but also Violent Happenings and Cruel and Unusual political responses, such as police brutality in America.

The Zombie song / video, is full of a lot of great imagery and concepts for creative inspiration if you’d like to pull ideas from it, though it is not necessary to link-up.

The song Zombie was a pretty intense emotional response to the IRA bombing in Warrington, Cheshire, England on March 20, 1993 where two children, Jonathan Ball and Tim Parry, were killed. The IRA (Irish Republican Army) is a militant group that was determined to remove British troops from Northern Ireland. A few weeks after this song was released, the IRA declared a ceasefire after 25 years of conflict. Bad Wolves released their version of it in 2018 soon after Dolores O’Riordan (the cute blond in the video who wrote the song) passed away.

Please Pin!

We would love to encourage as many contributions to this project as possible. Bloggers love Pinterest!


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