Self-Compassion Prompts for May Link-up #1000Speak

I am really excited to announce May’s theme of Self-Compassion. Learning compassion for myself made such a difference to my life, and I love guiding other people to feel compassion for themselves. It gives me the warm fuzzies, makes my heart sing and my eyes mist over. So yes, I had a hand in choosing this month’s topic!

But now it’s over to you. We’d love to hear your thoughts on self-compassion. If you’ve got ideas of what you’d like to say, then get writing and we’ll see you on the 20th! If your mind is spinning right now and you’re not sure what to write about, we have a few suggestions:

What does self-compassion mean? Is it the similar or different to self-indulgence, self-esteem or self-respect? (If you aren’t sure, then you’ll be pleased to know there’s already been a ton of research on this, mostly by Kristin Neff, though Paul Gilbert and  Emma M. Seppälä, and others have also contributed much to our understanding of how powerful self-compassion can be.)

What makes it hard to be compassionate with ourselves?

Is it possible to be fully compassionate with another person if we aren’t with ourselves?

If you are a professional – therapist, coach or other helper, we’d love to hear from you about benefits you’ve observed or researched in people learning self-compassion.

If you aren’t a professional, we’d still love to hear from you. Maybe you’ve done research of your own, or learned something that helped. Tell your own story so that other people can feel encouraged to learn self-compassion.

And let’s dream too – let’s dream big! Dreaming is the first stage of becoming, after all.

What would it be like if children learned self-compassion at school?

If politicians had classes in it before they ran for office?

If business leaders, teachers, doctors and lawyers learned self-compassion as part of their training?

What would it be like if beggars were taught to treat themselves with kindness, to see that they are worthy, to value themselves? Sometimes this does happen, and if you know of such stories, we’d love to read them – or watch them if you share a video.

What would it be like if criminals were taught self-compassion? Again, this sometimes happens, so if you know a story, we’d love to read it!

As always, our link-up will be on the 20th of the month – covering all time zones. We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

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