Compassion and Vulnerability #1000Speak Link-up Here!

Welcome 1000+ Voices! Our theme for this month is Compassion and Vulnerability.

We’ve chosen this theme because April is awareness month for a number of issues related to vulnerability or vulnerable people – some just in the USA and India, and some worldwide.

The second of April was World Autism Awareness Day, and the week from the 2nd till the 8th is Autism Awareness Week. In the United States, all of April is Autism Awareness month. 

April also has international awareness days for assistance in mine action, and of remembrance of victims of chemical warfare and of the Rwandan genocide, among others.

In the USA, April is sexual assault awareness and prevention month and child abuse awareness and prevention month – with the 20th being day of the National Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect.

It is also National Alcohol Awareness month in the USA and in India, the aim of which is to: “increase public awareness and understanding, reduce stigma and encourage local communities to focus on alcoholism and alcohol-related issues.” 

 World Health Day is the 7th of April.

Other issues that have awareness raising events this month are youth sports safety month, infertility awareness, youth violence prevention.

So there’s a wealth of topics from you to choose from for the #1000Speak link-up on April 20th! We’d love to read your posts on any of these, and we’d love personal experience posts as well as opinion pieces, research articles or anything else you would like to write.

Just in case you aren’t sure where to start, here are a few suggestions.

  • What action can we take to show compassion for vulnerable people?
  • If you have personal experience of any of these topics, how has compassion from others helped you?
  • Perhaps lack of compassion affected you- if so tell us what you need, or maybe what you needed years ago.
  • Many of these topics – for instance: abuse, assault, violence, alcoholism – tend to pass down through generations. What is needed to change this? If you are a parent who suffered from these as a child, have you managed to break the cycle and how did you do that? What part does compassion play? What about self-compassion?
  • Does awareness of an issue lead to compassion?

Looking forward to reading your posts on the 20th! #1000Speak April 2016 Writing about Compassion and Vulnerability

The link-up is now open. To add your post, click the blue button below and follow the instructions.
Thank you for joining us!


2 thoughts on “Compassion and Vulnerability #1000Speak Link-up Here!

  1. When I began reading this I had no idea what I would write about.. I do not have any real direct involvement with most of these issues/causes, luckily, but by the end of the post I had a plan for what to write. It will combine a bit of most of these things, sadly, but hoping my laptop holds out. Been having some issues lately. I don’t want to miss this month. So much going on in the world.


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