We Are One!

Although 1000 Voices Speak For Compassion had its first link-up on the 20th of February 2015, the birth of our initiative was one year ago today!

January 12th was the day it all began, was the day around 200 or so people responded to the invitation to join us in writing about compassion on an unspecified day. In A Year of Compassion, for our link-up in December, I wrote about some highlights of 2015, so check out that post to see some of what we’ve done.

And remember our link-up this month is about FORGIVENESS. If you aren’t sure what to write about, check out our prompts post.

So we are one  year old, but we are also one in another way. We are over 1600 members, but all with one vision – to create a world filled with compassion, to feel compassion for others and for ourselves. Some of us still struggle with this much of the time, and most of us struggle with it some of the time. When we remember that this is just part of being human, we can forgive ourselves, and return to the compassionate core within our hearts.

We are one, not just with group members, but with the world. We are one humanity, made up of many apparently different races, that turn out not to be so very different under the surface. Most people know we share around 98% of genes with chimpanzees, but did you know we also have 85% genes in common with zebra fish and 36% fruit flies? We even have genes in common with bacteria and with rice!

So the next time you eat some rice or see a fish swimming in a tank, or pat your pet – first pause for a moment, and realise you are meeting yourself. And if that’s true for animals and grains of rice, how much truer is it of other humans – with whom you share 99.9% of the same DNA. Yes, that’s correct. The person you detest along the street or at work, the moronic driver you yelled at yesterday, the idiot who cut in line… they are all 99.9% YOU.

Treat yourself kindly, next time you see you – whether that’s in another person or in the mirror.

We are one!

Let’s make 2016 even more compassionate and connected that 2015.






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