Forgiveness Prompts For #1000Speak January Link-up

1000 Voices Speak for Compassion is almost a year old! We were born on the 12th of January, 2015, and our first event was the 20th of February. Since then we’ve written about kindness, nurturing, gratitude and several other topics as well as, of course, compassion.

For those of you who aren’t yet familiar with the structure of our monthly themes, I’ll do a recap.

Every quarter (that’s: March, June, September and December) the theme is simply COMPASSION.

Any other month you are welcome to write about any aspect of compassion. The themes are ALWAYS OPTIONAL. We provide them to spark ideas or give direction for those who feel the need. If you feel called to write about a different aspect of compassion we absolutely would love to have you join us and to read your post.

If you aren’t sure what you write about FORGIVENESS, we have a few suggestions that might spark ideas for you.

Forgiveness Prompts

Can someone simply choose to forgive, or is it more complex? What are your experiences and observations? Tell the world!


How do compassion and empathy affect forgiveness?


In what way does anger have a place in forgiveness?


Do you find it easy to forgive or hard?


Maybe you have felt forgiveness for someone who harmed you in some way. Was it spontaneous or did you have to work at it? We’d love to read your story.


Have you ever felt forgiveness for someone at a time when other people said you shouldn’t? Tell us about that!

Have you ever felt unable to forgive and people have said you should? Tell us about that too.


Does self-forgiveness matter? And if it does, how can we achieve it? Share your thoughts and any process you use!


Have you experienced being forgiven for something you did that harmed another? How did that affect you?


Who is forgiveness for?


Of course, these are just ideas and we’d love to read anything you have to say about Forgiveness, or any aspect of compassion. Do join us on the 20th of January!



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