Gratitude Prompts for November’s #1000speak Link-up.

1000 Voices’ OPTIONAL theme for this month it Gratitude, and we welcome any posts on compassion. If you plan to write a post on gratitude, but are feeling a little unsure what to write about, here are a few questions and suggestions to get your ideas flowing.

Meaning of Gratitude

What does gratitude mean to you?

What are the benefits of gratitude?

What is the opposite to gratitude and how can we help ourselves find gratitude in situations where we feel its opposite?


How do we express gratitude other than with words? How do you express it wordlessly, and how to do others express it towards you?Do you prefer to show gratitude quietly or outwardly?

Why is gratitude sometimes so hard to show?

What do you do when someone returns your kindness with ingratitude or derision?

Your feelings

Write about a time you felt particularly grateful.

Have you ever felt grateful for hard times? Tell us about them!

Or maybe even if you didn’t feel grateful for the hard times, you felt gratitude during them. Write about those moments of gratitude in the midst of pain.


Is it useful or not to demand children express gratitude?

How can we encourage or develop children’s natural gratitude?


What are you grateful for this holiday season?

For those of you in the USA, do you have any family traditions for Thankgiving, or do you celebrate in non-traditional ways?

And finally, don’t forget about self-appreciation!

What about yourself are you grateful for?

Do you find it difficult to feel gratitude for yourself, your gifts,

talents and contributions?

Why is it important to appreciate yourself?


Illustration: Stuart Miles via FreeDigitalPhotos


3 thoughts on “Gratitude Prompts for November’s #1000speak Link-up.

  1. To be happy is to be grateful; and grateful persons are always happy, as the attitude of gratitude keeps them always optimistic and positive, glad to read this post..


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