Bundle Of Kindness

kaboompics.com_Croissants and strawberry for breakfast

It was a day that I was dreading.

I woke up in the morning and since I was working at home for the day, made me wonder how on earth I would face the lean phase. The madness from a professional point of view was getting from bad to worse and honestly, I lacked courage to face the day. I was getting cribby.

I scheduled an interview with a diplomat early morning. Still remember, it started raining heavily the time I got down from the bus and reached there quite early. Luckily, I spotted a café and went there to while time away. I ordered coffee and when I got inside, I saw someone-the husband of a ‘friend’ whose interview I have done and a fab lady indeed-introduced myself to Mister of the Mrs. He happens to be a young politician and he congratulated me for the interview of his wife. We were meeting for the first time.

The coffee tray, along with a chocolate croissant landed on my table. Honestly, I was confused since I never ordered choco croissant and wondering whether it’s complimentary or a mistake was made. As the gentleman made his way out, he turned around and said that the croissant is on his part. I was surprised and elated at the same time at the kindness on his part. I mean, there was no need to and he went out of his way to make me happy.

This is kindness to me.

It’s only then that I remember him rushing to the counter and realized that he went to order a chocolate croissant for me. This is kindness. A small act or gesture can make your day beautiful at a time you facing the downside in life. Quite magically, the day turned out from bad to superb, ringing in positivity and I knew awesome things will happen in my life. The moral of the story: Kindness and gratitude go hand in hand for you can never know that someone is fighting a battle in life.

Never shy from doing a small act of kindness. I was touched.

Written by Vishal Bheeroo.

Vishal has stayed in Pune and Mumbai for a few years. Currently, he is in Mauritius where he has been a Special Correspondent, writing features and life style as well as news reporter but rooting to be back in Mumbai some day. He blogs regularly on http://www.vishalbheeroo.com, is a freelance writer for ezines in Dubai and India. A film buff, he believes in making a difference to the world and people.

Connect with Vishal on Facebook and Twitter.

Connect with Vishal on Facebook on Twitter and his blog.


10 thoughts on “Bundle Of Kindness

  1. What a lovely read, Vishal! Enjoyed your post. So glad that you are appreciating kindness in your life through the small and the not-so-small moments! I didn’t know you lived in Mauritius….wow! Have the most wonderful memories of the people and the island, having lived there many years ago…someday, I hope to visit again 🙂


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