1000 Voices Members – have your say on #1000Speak


Compassion Logo FINISHEDRight now we are running a poll in both our Facebook Group  and our Google+ Community to learn how often you’d like us to hold link-ups and for how long. If you are a member of either of these groups, click the relevant link and it will take you directly to the poll.

If you are a member of both groups, please only do the poll once.

The options we are offering are:

1. Monthly link-ups on the 20th (48 hours to cover the 20th world-wide.)
2. Monthly link-ups, but for 3 days (72 hours)
3. Quarterly Compassion link-ups – on the 20th
4. Quarterly Compassion link-ups, for 3 days
5. No link-ups, just posting in the group and sharing.

Whichever option we choose, on one day each month everyone will share their post across Social Media using the Hashtag #1000Speak  

If you are not a member of either group, but still contribute to 1000 Voices Speak, you matter too, so we’ve included the poll here too so you can let us know which is your preferred option. Again please remember – only do the poll once!! 



3 thoughts on “1000 Voices Members – have your say on #1000Speak

    1. Solveig, all the themes until January are shown in the graphic on the sidebar here, and October’s is love. But the theme is just a suggestion for anyone not sure to write about – any compassion post is welcome any month!

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