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1000Speak blankWe’ve been a little quiet in the blog lately, but now that the rays of sun are lower in the sky and summer is sneaking out the back door (no matter how much I try to get it to stay) we’ve got some exciting news for you.

First off, today we have a post on The Power of the Written Word over at The Sprint Shack. This site includes lots of tips about writing and one of its founders, Cristina, kindly invited me to guest post. Below is a snippet for you – to read the rest you’ll need to head over the The Sprint Shack. But do read the rest of our exciting news before you head off!

 The Power of the Written Word

Suppose you’re having a tough day and feel as if nobody understands you. Lost in sadness, you search the internet for help and find an article that says what you need to do is get rid of your negative thoughts and choose happiness.

As you read, you might see where your thoughts have driven your spiral into misery – or you might feel even more miserable because you think you should be able to drop those negative thoughts, and because your feeling that nobody understands intensifies.

The written word has power – but only as much as the reader gives it. This is true even of unpublished writing – even if nobody else reads your writing, you do. If by journaling you gain insight into your own mind’s thought patterns, then your writing has the power to transform.

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And that other exciting news: Write Out the Heart Seminar

Those of you have been in the Facebook group lately might have spotted this already, but for those who haven’t – next week there’s going to be a FREE online seminar on how to write from the heart, hosted by group member and spiritual guide Fiona Moore, with a little help from me, Yvonne. The seminar takes place on September 23rd and will cover how the impulse to write and the capacity to heal come from the same creative source. Fiona will teach you how to write to touch, heal, and transform with your words.

Can’t make the date/time for the live seminar? No worries! The event will be recorded and can be viewed afterwards – but you need to sign up! So do that now…click the link here to sign up: Write Out the Heart.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 16.45.28

This Month’s Theme

Finally, a reminder that this month our theme is simply Compassion, though some writers are choosing to write about Honesty in Compassion so if that inspires you, do join in. There WILL be a LINK-UP this month, and it will be on the 20th as usual!


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