Prompts For July #1000Speak Link-Up: Acceptance

This month, 1000 Voices Speak For Compassion is focusing on Acceptance.

If you haven’t yet come up with a post for the link-up yet, or aren’t sure what to write about, here are a few suggestions to help!

What does acceptance mean to you? You could write a post that simply tells us that, or you could choose a particular angle. Below are a few suggestions:

Accepting that people can have diverse viewpoints.

Accepting differences in others.

Accepting children for who they are as opposed to what we want them to be.

Accepting other family members as they are (this could parents, spouse, siblings or extended family members.) If things in any of these relationships haven’t worked out the way you’d once hoped, did you grieve and move on, or was it more challenging to reach acceptance.

Accepting ourselves – this could include:

Accepting who we are (our personalities)


  • health,
  • weight,
  • position in life,
  • job,
  • education
  • or some other aspect.

How can you reach acceptance when you don’t feel it?

Share a time you went from resistance, anger or dislike into feeling acceptance – what got you there?

How does acceptance help us have compassion? And how does compassion help us have compassion?

It’s also fine to write about your struggles with acceptance. For instance you could write about:

  • What stops you from feeling self-acceptance?
  • What stops you from accepting others?
  • What do you fear would happen if you were more accepting?




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