Meet the #1000Speak Admins: Jen Leeman

For the next few weeks on we will introduce you to the people who together organise the link-ups, admin the Facebook Group and Google+ Community, run the 1000Speak Twitter account and the Facebook Page as well as this blog.

If you are new to 1000 Voices Speak For Compassion, or have stumbled upon our blog, we are a group of bloggers writing and working for compassion. Our group is made up of ordinary people, as well counsellors, psychologists and other healing professionals. The only requirement to join is that you be passionate about spreading compassion. We hold monthly link-ups, where people write about compassion, sometimes with a specific theme. Our most recent link-up was on the theme of Connection and you can find the link-up here. Our next link-up will be on the 20th of June, and is simply Compassion!

The first person I’m going to introduce you to is Jen Leeman. This is appropriate because Jen was one of the two people who set up this blog!

jen head shot

Jen Leeman is a working mom whose passion is writing. She lives at the Jersey Shore with her husband, tween daughter, 2 big goofy dogs and a cat named Roger. She writes about her love of vegan food, gardening, gratitude and compassion at her blog Driftwood Gardens.

Jen has worked tirelessly for 1000 Voices Speak, doing a mix of tasks, including much of the work behind the scenes on this blog. Jen cares deeply about nature, our world and its creatures and this is what she chose to write about for this month’s theme of Connection.

Over to Jen:

Make the Connection #1000Speak

For May the theme is Connection. For vegans like me, connection is a very important word. When I stopped consuming animal products, I was able to see that we are all connected to this Earth, and that we are connected to all of the planet’s other inhabitants…

Read the original  lamb-739165_1280


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